First Step

Figure out what you want to do

Once you know what you want to do, you can chart out the rest of the path. This site mainly focuses on software engineering with an interest in cybersecurity. So you might not find a lot of writing on biology even though software engineering and cybersecurity are useful there too.

Second Step

Learn something seriously

Pick a language that makes the most sense. Learn the domain area well. Your goal is to solve problems in that field. If you're interested in biology and you find out that R is useful, then learn R.

Third Step

Build something for fun

Build something. It doesn't have to be impressive or world-changing but it should work. If you're currently already working, think about how you can utilize technology to make your work easier. You might need to get permission before you do though.

Fourth Step

Push yourself

If you like puzzles, you can challenge yourself by competing in hackathons or other events like this. If you do well, there are usually prizes at the end of it, like money or a job. The challenge, of course, is to do well.

Optional 1

Preparing for a job hunt

If you want to do this professionally, you need to prepare for it. We hope to offer useful tips and tricks on how to best prepare for a job hunt.

Optional 2

Getting that dream job

And finally, choose your own adventure.

Optional 3

Having fun

Sometimes we'll hold our own events. Coming soon!