"You" are important

You're a human being but to large corporations and governments around the world, you are just another dataset to be collected and monitored on. Ghost Artemis aims to bring awareness. It's not just important to have the tools, you must understand why the tools exists. What you choose to do with your data is up to you. The choice is yours.

General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR is largely a EU law that focuses on data protection and privacy. It attempts to address data outside of EU as well and has enforcement policies for non-compliance.

California Consumer Privacy Act

CCPA was modeled after GDPR, but largely a California law that currently has no enforcement policy. It remains to be seen if the rest of the US will follow suit.

Right to Be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten is also known as the right to erasure. GDPR is the first step towards being forgotten as it gives individuals the right to ask orgnizations to delete their personal data. More work needs to be done if we are to continue moving in this direction.

Data Retention

Data retention is where an organization retains the data even after a user have requested that it be deleted, this is usually done for legal or financial reasons. Some organizations retain PII (Personally Identifiable Information, such as passport or medical records) indefinitely and others for years.

Account Deletion

Deleting your account does not mean they no longer have your data. This depends on organizations but most organizations in the world rarely delete everything. A commerce-related company may retain name and purchase history for accounting purposes. This is often why when a user deletes an account, they may still receive some notice years later.