Back in the days, I had a Geocities site that I devoted to tidbits of things I found important. Beside some quotes and a list of my favorite games, I'd put some time into capturing data from sites of the time.

For example, if a website had a strange term in their ToS, I'd copy it down in case it was ever taken down. In college, nobody ever really talked about these things in-depth. Even in the cybersecurity and information security circles, it was seldom discussed. It was all about red team or malware analysis or even iptables design.

I revived and revamped the site when I realize how important fighting for this freedom is. The world will be a better place when we are aware of the importance of the boring bits of our private life. The boring bits that most people never take a second look at. Legal papers like terms of service. Privacy policy. Disclaimers.

I hope this helps you and makes the world a better place.

I don't make any money with these projects. There is no affiliate marketing or advertisements. The only place I make money is my daytime job as a software engineer. I am currently unemployed and looking.